High blood pressure is a serious health risk. It will increase the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke as well as many other problems that can be caused by it too. Thankfully it can be treated and a large part of that is having the right diet.

What foods should be avoided?

With blood pressure, it’s equally as important to avoid the wrong foods as it is to eat the right ones. One of the worst culprits is salt as this has been shown to have a direct negative effect on the heart and it can be found in large quantities in processed food.

Products that are considered healthy such as canned soups and canned tomato products are also filled with sodium. Limiting your sodium intake is important and you always want to reduce your sugar intake too. Having excessive alcohol will also negatively impact your blood pressure too.

What should I add to my smoothie?

There are some nutrients that are great for blood pressure such as beta-carotene, lutein, kryptoxanthin and potassium. Thankfully many fruits and vegetables have a high level of potassium and are great to add to a smoothie.

Pomegranate juice has been shown to have a great level of reduction in blood pressure and this can be added into the likes of bananas and apples to make a lovely smoothie. Almond and coconut milk are also great liquids to add to your smoothie, as long as they are unsweetened and not canned.

All salted foods should be avoided and you should limit fruit that is high in sugar. Leafy vegetables are always great to add to your smoothie and any food that is high in potassium will be able to add a great amount of flavor and blood pressure reducing nutrients.