Having a healthy smoothie can be a good way to lose weight. They can contain a lot of healthy ingredients, help to replace a meal and avoid eating a lot of calories in the process. You need to have the right type of smoothie though and here we give you all the information you need.

The problem with smoothies

The one issue that you can have with smoothies is that liquids get processed by the body in a different way to solid foods. Liquids don’t make you as full and therefore using them as a meal replacement should be done with caution.

Due to this, you need to make sure that the smoothie contains the right ingredients and also for it to contain as little sugar as possible, that way you will be able to cut down on any empty calories and avoid snacking again shortly after your smoothies.

The best ingredients

When it comes to ingredients for a smoothie, avocado is king. They are quite high in calories but packed full of goodness and will help to thicken up your drink and therefore it is going to make you full. The same applies to berries and any berry is going to be a great option.

Leafy green vegetables are great for a number of different reasons and the pulp left over from fruit juice is a great source of nutrients too. You also want to add protein to your smoothie and a great way to do with is with Greek yogurt or chia seeds.

What you should avoid

Sweet fruits can seem very appetizing but the likes of apple, bananas and pineapple should be kept to a minimum as too much can overload your drink with natural sugars. Fruit juice is also full of sugar and adding this should be avoided too, high-calories dairy should be left out as well.

If you are not making the smoothie yourself, make sure that they have a good level of protein and a low level of calories. If you’ve had a smoothie and it didn’t make you full, then you should try one that does.