Not all smoothies are created equal.
The right ones are incredibly good for you.
The wrong ones are really bad for you.
My new book has 21 amazing, easy-to-make recipes. 
PLUS, I teach you how to mix ‘n match foods so you can design your own healthy smoothies with the ingredients you love most.
Store-bought smoothies are sweetened with loads of sugar, littered with tons of artificial ingredients and low- quality protein. NOT helping you, at all. Hurting you actually.
Super Smoothie Revolution shows you how to make mouth-watering healthy smoothies that deliver more nutrition in one smoothie than 78% of the population gets in an entire day. You can even use my Super Smoothies as a meal, or two, every day if you want.
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Simplifying your life? Check.
Improving your health? Check.
Satisfying your taste buds while slimming your waistline? Chiggitty check!
About the AUTHOR
Adam Rosante is one of the world's most sought-after Strength and Nutrition Coaches. He's an Ambassador for Target’s C9 Champion brand as well as Pure Protein, author of the #1 bestseller The 30 Second Body and creator of The People’s Bootcamp, the first high-end fitness boutique with a pay-what-you-can model.
Download now and blend up the smoothies that'll keep you leaner, stronger and healthier... for life.
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